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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Here's just a short update of the next steps into the saucer hull (finally, these circular corridors will be definitely palatable...).

I planned to work myself from the inside (sickbay) towards the outside and already ran into some interesting "problems".

Originally, I had thought you could just illustrate the Season One sickbay and add two 120 studio set segments with the Season Two and Three set.

But it's not that easy considering substantial redresses of the sickbay set itself in each of the seasons:

Already in Season One we have the standard "examination room" and the variation in "The Enemy Within" (no diagnostic scanner over the examination bed during the "eyewitness statement" scene!).

And in Season Two we have the examination room without the examination bed ("By Any Other Name") and the unique camera edit in "The Changeling" which suggests McCoy's office to be the door next to the turbo lift at the end of the corridor!

And if we presume the Defiant's doctor's office in "The Tholian Web" (table is on opposite side of room near 'waiting booth') should also be on the Enterprise we have enough interior variations to fill two deck levels (with all the Season One illumination variations of the glass cabinet separating the exam room from the bedroom maybe more...)

Come to think about it, that's actually a rather good thing. In other Trek BBS discussions we noticed that Kirk's babysitting turbo lift travels to sickbay and Deck 5 (e.g. "Amok Time", "Elaan of Troyius") actually suggest sickbay to be on Main Deck 5 despite the general assumption (statement in The Making of Star Trek) that it is on Main Deck 7.

Apparently, an inner sickbay complex that spreads from Deck 5 to Deck 7 could be a golden compromise making everyone happy.

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