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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finished reading The Stuff of Dreams. My 2c about it are in the appropriate review thread.

Recently bought and enjoyed the Early Voyages omnibus (great characters and stories, but I suppose with TrekLit Pike era novels) and Star Trek Ongoing Vol. 4. I wonder whether the plot of "Mirrored" happened to echo In A Mirror, Darkly, or was a deliberate homage?

As part of my studies (exam preparation), I started reading Simon James's non-fiction Exploring the World of the Celts because it is illustrated.

Soon I'll have holidays and can finally read (or finish to read):
VOY: The Final Fury
DS9: Warpath; The Left Hand of Destiny Bk. 2
NF: Dark Allies
TNG: Dark Mirror

Concerning the Keru-issue in Taking Wing: As a young LGBT person myself I was delighted how it was integrated into the story without becoming cringeworthy (e.g. "Hello, I'm Lieutenant Commander Ranul Keru, and I'm gay.").

I enjoy romantic (and other!) sub-plots a lot because I want to see the characters coping with their normal lives as well and not just during world-shattering crises. Take Picard's family life, for example - we explore it in and out of the action/suspense of the month.
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