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Re: The original plan for Countdown

I play the game and I read many of the novels. Both perspectives have their place. While it's nice to read loose continuities between the works of some Trek authors, I know not to assume a rigid continuity between novel works is even necessary. Let alone between the novels and a computer game of the current day. It's nice when they do compliment one another. It just isn't necessary.

I listened to the Priority One podcast as well. I don't always agree with STO's Lead Designer. But find his frankness enlightening at times. I'm surprised at how far the original set-up for Trek 2009 had been willing to go. I'm also relieved that both Countdown and the finished film didn't go quite that far.

Specific to computer games and STO, I would point out that while some games - including past Star Trek - come and go, not all of those games are gone. There are proven exceptions within that market. The original EverQuest MMORPG is currently celebrating it's 14th anniversary.

Star Trek Online has had extremely hot and cold responses to what it offers for three years now. Just as a computer game for so-called Gamers. Let alone it's pedigree of Trek-ness. However, IMO, it may just now be moving toward what is needed to insure it's longevity within it's own market. As well as its Trek-ness. Crosby's participation being only one of those reasons. Time will tell, I suppose. Over three years of various interviews with different members of their development team, I've gleaned that they can pick and choose elements from the published novels which compliment the story they wish to tell the player's.

Not to say an author's entire work is - or would be - converted. Perhaps more as homage or borrowed to recycle into their games 25th century continuity as it makes sense to do so. Clearly, STO disregards the Destiny trilogy. So do some readers of the those novels. Some STO player's are bored with the Borg and wish STO had acknowledged Destiny. STO purposely disregards the deaths of both Sela and Donatra in favor of those character's place in their own story.
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