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The Dashcam Chronicles

I recently started using my cellphone as a dashcam in my car as a safeguard in case I'm in an accident and might need to prove who is at fault. The idea is to avoid any he said/she said issues and provide actual video evidence if something were to happen. It'd be especially helpful if anyone ever tries to pull one of those insurance scams where they reverse into you and claim you rear-ended them.

It has also proved to serve as a form of entertainment, as I've been able to share with my family and friends all of the terrible drivers I've come across. So I've put together a new YouTube channel to showcase them. There are a lot of similar channels on the Tube but instead of long compilation videos like I've seen, I like to present these motoring mishaps al a carte.

Anyway, subscribe if you like and give me some feedback either way. I know a lot of guys who post these can come off as aggressive, overreacting jerks but I hope I give people a chance to not screw up before I call them on it. I usually get a clip either once or every other day so stay tuned. Link to the channel is in my sig.
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