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The NX Enterprise should be dragged out of mothballs and turned on.
NX-01 is not mothballed. It's hiding in a nebula where nuDaniels has taken it to talk Archer out of starting the federation. As they are watching the events of Into Darkness unfold from the front seats, they tell Daniels to fuck himself, tie him up and interfere by covertly helping Kirk and Harrison.

Ironically, it was Archer's interaction with John Harrison that started the Federation in the Prime Universe and where Archer got the temporal communication device to guide Silik to prevent the two Daniels from acting.

Out of anger, nuDaniels blows up the a transport hub in London and tries to shoot up Kirk from a helicopter, before he gets apprehended by Seven of Nine and Borg Janeway with a Defiant stolen from the Prime Universe with Picard and Sisko on board, who right until the last moment think they are being assailed by the Borg.
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