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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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I don't know why someone always assumes that the maquis were forced to put on Starfleet uniforms. All we are told is that there was an agreement to run Voyager by Starfleet rules, and we see the maquis wearing uniforms. For all we know Chakotay and his crew "ask" to wear the uniforms and wear Starfleet provisional rank bars.
Just think if they had left Chakotay in civvies gear we could have had even more native american cliches.
The Maquis were forced to put those uniforms on by Chakotay.

It was an internal debate where he was the only person allowed to talk.

The only thing that would have made the Maquis stay in the DQ is if they found a lost Cardassian Colony, an entire world of Cardassians they could torment, sack, cull and blanch.

If they found a world with Millions of Cardassians in the Delta Quadrant, which they could empty Voyager's Phaser reserve into, there would be an instant mutiny.

They wanted to leave, Janeway needed crew, cost of admission on both fronts, she treats them fairly, then they don't cut her ears in her sleep.
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