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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

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Oh, please. It's IMPOSSIBLE to reconcile nuTrek and Original Trek chronology-wise.
Its called a branching timeline. The split happens in 2233 at the birth of James T. Kirk. Pretty sure that was covered in the film it's self. You'd think a guy named "Timewalker" could wrap his brain around that. You don't need to "reconcile" them, because they are parallel. A Chronology would reference both timelines, because both are Star Trek.
Anybody attempting an updated Chronology book would find it difficult to reconcile both versions of Star Trek in the same book as THE definitive chronology.
Why? Explain that. If its definitive it has to include every incarnation of Star Trek. That would include entries on all alternative timelines and parallel universes.

And... you'd think that anybody who takes the trouble to bash me over my anti-Abrams opinions could bother to be observant enough to notice that I'M NOT A GUY. Think you can wrap your brain around that?
I didn't bash you at all. I've no recollection of you mentioning your gender or your opinions on Abrams previously. So neither one has bearing on what I posted. All I said was the new films are part of Star Trek and should be included in any definitive chronology. "Guy" is somewhat gender neutral anyway.

I forced myself to watch this piece of garbage that calls itself "Star Trek" and was not the slightest bit impressed. If Abrams wanted to make an outer space movie, why didn't he create something original instead of ripping off something that didn't need "re-imagining"?
That's fine. Still not a good enough reason to not include it in a definitive chronology.

As for my username, I'm also a Whovian, a fan of the old Voyagers! series, and I'm very fond of alternate history and time travel novels in general. But that doesn't mean I have to automatically like some lazily-imagined ripoff of Star Trek (damn, Leonard Nimoy really is a trooper for appearing in this movie - or else he needed the money...).
Didn't say you should. Just that with such a name you should understand the concept of things like alternate universes, branching timeline and the multi worlds interpretation and how that might be included in a definitive Star Trek chronology. That you're a fan of Doctor Who, alternate history and time travel only re-enforces that.

There are certain movies, individual episodes and one entire series I don't like. I would however include all of them in any chronology, no matter how much I might despise them, because they are Star Trek.
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