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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

While this thread is still open/active, I thought I'd use it to comment on just having finished the SG-1 S9 premiere three-parter. This might seem like sacrilege, but I actually like Colonel Mitchell and General Landry way more than O'Neill and Hammond (don't get me wrong, those two were great characters, but there's just something about Beau Bridges and Ben Browder that really makes their characters 'click' for me). I also love that they used Vala to briefly fill Sam's role in the story while Amanda Tapping was on maternity leave, as she really fits well into the whole SG-1 team structure despite being, at this point, a rogue freelancer. It was also great to see Vala and Daniel reunited because of the incredible chemistry that exists between Claudia Black and Michael Shanks. The level of indirect crossover between Atlantis and these eps was also great, as was the introduction of the Ori.

As an aside, I was a little bit miffed that I'd apparently been told the wrong order in which to watch Avalon Pts 1 and 2 and Origin in relation to the SGA episode The Intruder, but, upon starting to watch the latter, I realized that I'd freaked out for no reason.
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