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Re: Lieutenant Commander NFNNMI Data

JessDD wrote: View Post
Well, its obviously code for something. I would suggest a security code like all the command officers had.

"Recognize Picard, Zero Alpha Three".

That's my best guess, anyway.
But, it sounds weird to say a security code between your rank and name. I can't remember hearing anyone saying that in other Trek episodes.

Melakon wrote: View Post
No First Name No Middle Initial Data.

(Some of my relatives have only a first and last name, and NMI appears on their official documents)
Makes sense!!

Christopher wrote: View Post
Anyway, I'd think that Data would be his first name. If he had a full name, it would presumably be Data Soong, considering that Noonien Soong is regarded as his "father."
To be honest, I always thought of Data's full name was "Data." Kinda like Cher or Madonna... even though that isn't really their full names, lol.
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