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Re: Brannon Braga on a possible Season 5 through Netflix + More...

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It is nice to see his enthusiasm for the show is still solid. I would love this to happen. Is there a Kickstarter campaign?
Actually, the much hyped "Veronica Mars" Kickstart campaign is also drawing some backlash as many (me included) feel it is an abuse of what Kickstart was setup for - it was setup to help the "little guy"/independent gain financing for their projects. It is not there to help multi-national super-conglomerates extend the brand of their franchises.
Yeah the whole Veronica Mars things grated on me too. Crowdfunding is a way--or was at any rate--for smaller producers/indie productions to get off the ground and get funding. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth for the big-studios that already hold the keys and have the coffers to make the productions to use things like Kickstarter and drown out the smaller guys by having the money to wage large campaigns that get a lot of attention
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