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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

I remember when DC reinvented Batwoman as a lesbian, there were certain comic book fans who, all of a sudden, decided that romantic subplots and love interests were pointless and irrelevant and had no place in a proper superhero comic.

"Why do we have to know about Batwoman's love life anyway? Why can't she just fight evil and stuff?"

Never mind Lois Lane and Mary Jane Watson and Steve Trevor and, basically, seventy-plus years of comic book love interests and romances. Those were apparently okay, but Batwoman having a girlfriend was "unnecessary" and "pushing an agenda."


I suspect some of us have been dealing with this double standard for so long that we automatically bristle at the first hint of it, but I'll give kirk5555 the benefit of the doubt when he says he likes Batwoman and Willow. . . and voted for marriage equality in Washington State. That counts for something (says this expatriate Pacific Northwester).

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