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Re: Cause and Effect

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Second, in space the ship weighs nothing.
I call troll.

We went over this with you in August last year.

It's amazing how often people confuse the "things weigh nothing in space" thing. Sure, in space and not in a gravitational body I would "weigh nothing" and a 2 year old could, theoretically, pick me up. Say if we were on a very light object with no meaningful gravity (like an asteroid.) But weight and mass are different things.

Just because things don't weigh anything (or much) in space doesn't mean they're easy to move. Think of it this way, if things "weigh nothing in space" that means that when Neil Armstrong went to the moon he could've picked it up and chucked it out of orbit like he was Superman. The notion of being destroyed by an asteroid would be meaningless because all we would need to do it just send something small to the asteroid to push it out of the way. I mean, it weighs nothing, right? Nope. It doesn't work that way.

Mass and weight are not the same thing.

The Enterprise is still a huge chunk of metal that on earth would weigh millions of tons. You're not going to move it out of the way in a quick manner with few second long blast of a small (comparatively) room full of air. The air in that space to move the Enterprise would have to weigh more than the ship, a LOT more, to move it so quickly. In "reality" that blast of air would just make the ship infinitesimally faster in its movement in that direction.

If things "weighing nothing" in space was enough to make them easy to move we would have figured out the whole "going the speed of light" thing and "sending ships to other planets" thing a long-assed time ago. But, in reality, the problem is to go a speed you have to move mass, to move mass you need fuel, fuel weighs something (adds mass) so it means you need more fuel to move it ad infinitum.
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