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Hate to tell you this, but there had been plenty of gay characters in Treklit before Taking Wing.
Not "plenty," actually. We did get a very subtle, tentative portrayal of romance between two of the female leads of The Best and the Brightest, but Keru was really the first prominent, recurring gay character in Trek Lit -- although of course Taking Wing was his fifth appearance and came out four years after his first. (In addition to three prior Mangels/Martin works -- Rogue, Trill: Unjoined, and "Improvisations on the Opal Sea" -- he appeared in Immortal Coil by Jeffrey Lang.) There were probably a few others in that interval, but I'd say the majority of LGBT characters in Trek Lit came along later.

Certainly when early novels with Keru, including Taking Wing, first came out, there were some readers who saw it as shoving a "gay agenda" in their faces because it treated gay characters' personal lives the same as everyone else's, but I would've thought that by now, nearly a decade later when such portrayals have become commonplace in both Trek Lit and beyond, it wouldn't be seen as somehow exceptional. I mean, it's been years since I've seen a post like that.
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