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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

$499 for a Natalie Portman action figure? Whoa. I didn't think there was any version of her in 3.75" scale that even remotely approached that kind of high-priced insanity.

There is an ultra-rare packaging variation of the 1998 "Flashback Photo" Medal Ceremony Princess Leia that can command upwards of two grand, and that's because the photo insert with the pull-down tab has a much different photograph of Leia's mother than the version that was sold at mass retail.

The version of Medal Ceremony Leia you saw in stores had a "Flashback" picture of Natalie Portman in conventional dress and hairstyle holding a Naboo blaster pistol. The super-valuable variant has a photo of the Queen in regal dress and facial makeup from the end of Episode I.
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