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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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Fine, believe what you want. No one can critisize anything with gay people involved, because if you do you're prejudiced
No one has said this.

I never said it was about them being gay.
Your exact words:

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It would have been pointless regardless of their genders, but the fact that almost every scene they were in was about them being gay
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if the Keru stuff was supposed to be just about a widower mourning, it wasn't done very well. It was pretty far removed from the actual event (Looking online, Taking wing seems to be over 6 years after first contact,
You mean sort of like how First Contact, a story about a man falling into a desire for revenge from his former tormentors, was set six years after "The Best of Both Worlds?"

Its interesting that I'm trying to stay civil while taking personal attacks. I honestly want to know what anyone finds offensive.
I'm offended that you claim it was just about Keru being gay and refuse to concede that it was about Keru being a widower. Hate to tell you this, but there had been plenty of gay characters in Treklit before Taking Wing.
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