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Re: Has star trek changed

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Also don't understand the view that Abrams 'has no interest' in science fiction. He's involved, however tangentially, in making so much of the stuff - Lost, Cloverfield, Super-8, Star Trek 2009, Star Wars - he seems to have at least a passing interest, no?
The only one of those I'd consider to be true science-fiction would be the time travel episodes of Lost and he had zero influence on them. They were conceived of/written by Damon Lindelof and Calrton Cuse

He is from the Spielberg/Lucas school of thought regarding the genre which is PERFECT for Star Wars Episode VII but entirely wrong for Star Trek. My two pence.
There's also Fringe, which is an actual science fiction show. As in fiction that deals with science. It features time travel, alternate universes, alternate timelines, cloning, genetic engineering and possibly the best "mad scientist" character ever featured in any media. Does that count as "real science fiction" to you or does it need space ships and laser guns going zap?

You should also look into what actually is covered in the realm of science fiction. Because Super-8 involves an alien and Cloverfield has a monster from the ocean in it. Both of which would traditionally count as science fiction since it is presented as vaguely possible instead of magical. Star Wars is in the vague area of science fantasy.
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