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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

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Reporting the HD image quality is softer and more inconsistent than other Star Trek, and indeed, comparable Blu-ray TV releases is merely a statement of the facts - no more, no less.

Compared to the other remasters, much of it yes. But compare color, detail, contrast, the bluray is noticeably better than the DVD.
Well, I'm gratified the image quality is superior to the DVD's - a prerequisite, and pretty much an essential, base, starting point for Blu-ray in my opinion. After all, there'd be very little point in transferring 480i/p material to an HD carrier as is. You're quite entitled to hold the view "there's nothing to complain about", but equally, I'm entitled to disagree with you and feel some level of disappointment the image quality slants toward the mediocre in terms of HD. But, I've already stated, I'm still waiting for my set - so I can't judge or make a definitive call presently - I'm just making an educated guess based on (HD) trailers and screenshots.
The color is an improvement to me, the grays are pronounced while the browns tend to be reduced, makng the show look newer, with an attractive sheen to them...I mean just look at the Trekcore pics, small as some are, the improved quality is apparent. Considering the live action is 720p and FX early on were 480p, they shouldn't look THIS good, but they do.

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