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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

King Daniel wrote: View Post
Space Seed and Wrath of Khan also contain clearly audible references to Khan's reign on Earth, in the 1990's, being two hundred years ago. Wrath of Khan itself begins with "In the 23rd century..."

I'd say the Chronology did a reasonable job, considering the schizophrenic nature of date references in TOS and the early movies. Sometimes occasional lines just have to be ignored - like the 700 year reference in "The Squire of Gothos"
I just imagined that Trelane's planet was 700 light-years from Earth, and that's why he got screwed up time-wise. The anachronism I find most irritating in that episode is the Salt Vampire in the front hall.

Mysterion wrote: View Post
I accept the Okudachron for the most part. I agree with the criticism of the TWoK error mentioned above, and there are some other data points that have been contradicted on-screen since it was published. I also would love to see an updated version published. Perhaps with an appendix detailing the timeline of the Abrams-Trek continuity included.
The Abramsverse crap happened in a different universe, so why contaminate REAL Trek with it?
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