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Re: First time watching Enterprise!


I like the trader guy at the start of this episode. Its just a sense I get form his manner when conversing with the Enterprise crew in that opening scene but he seems a bit taken aback by humans like maybe he hasnít figured out exactly how to act with them or his translator is taking a moment too long to translate.

The whole holographic people was kinda easy to figure out especially as this plotline has occurred in an episode of DS9 with Odo as the main guy who figures it all out. Have I mentioned that Rene Aubergenois is awesome! In this version the holograms are quite sinister.

If Trip keeps this up hes gonna have a girl on every planet. Joking and Stargate references aside I do like the friendship that develops between the girl and Trip. Hes a bit protective cause of her wide eyed innocence and she kinda latches onto him a bit cause hes the one who talks to her and is real and encourages her to broaden her horizons. Maybe if they had kept in touch they would have developed a romance but for now their just friends. Iím really glad the writers resisted any temptation they might have had to make this a one episode romance that trek does so badly

I award this episode three and a half stars.


This is a good one. A look at what happens to all those Suliban who arenít involved in the cabals and how the temporal cold war is affecting them as well as the introduction of a new faction called the Tandarans. Quite a rabid new faction at that.

The little girl is cute. The weird guy who insists on distrusting Archer and Travis for most of the epsiode seems like an outsider amongst his own people. I get the sense that the Suliban Archer befriends is the weird guys only friend which probably adds to his dislike of the two humans though that whole conflict between him and Travis seems a little forced.

I have to wonder about whether Archer really thought about the long term consequences of helping these Suliban escape. This is just one of many detention camps (camps which should never have been created in the first place) and after the whole break outta jail and run for the border thing they pulled whats to stop the Tandarans, who seemed like they were just looking for any excuse to mistreat the Suliban prisoners, from using this mass breakout to declare all Suliban dangerous and justify genocide? Itís a sure bet that any friends or relatives of the escapees that were being held at other detention centres probably bore the brunt of the Tandarans wrath. I guess that cute little girl really wont be seeing her mommy ever again.

This episode also gets three and a half stars.

Vox Sola

Okay this was a weird one. I liked the whole cultural misunderstanding with a visiting race aspect. Especially as it was a genuine misunderstanding not some faked misunderstanding for political reasons. Mayweathers apology scene was nice and the alien guy was so genuinely happy and willing to help once the misunderstanding had been cleared up

The lifeform was an interesting one. Iím surprised it could disconnect from the link it had made with the Enterprise crewmembers after getting so closely intergrated with them. This felt kinda more like Stargate than Star trek to me though. Something about the episode.

Why do I get the sense those two redshirts might fancy each other. Itís a good thing they both survived cause even if they never appear onscreen again I can pretend their having a wonderful shy romance just off screen. The guy was definitely an idiot for noticing something wrong and not telling anyone where he had gone. The girl had some sense in immediately contacting people for help once she found the missing guy being groped by the life form but slipped up in not asking for help on the initial search. She didnít seem to tell anyone where she was going either.

All in all I give this episode three stars.
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