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Re: Any old timers still around?

I guess I'm an old timer, been here since 2001. I recognize several of the "old names" that are thrown around. Though I"m not sure people would really remember or know me as I'm kinda "under the radar" and never really got into it with many people (i.e. heated debates or stuff like that, I've always enjoyed reading comments here though).

Plus I'm the kinda poster that drops in and out. For instance I just recently came back after a hiatus from late 2009, and before that I hadn't been around since about 2006. But I was here a lot back in the early 2000s. I remember maybey about 10-12 years ago myself and some other posters got into some big trouble for hassling the Voyager crowd a bit too much. We repeatedly spammed the VOY forum with "Janeway needs to be raped to let her character grow like Kirk, Picard and Sisko" threads (hey we were all more immature) and it pissed off a lot of the VOY fans, especially the women at the time. There was one guy, I forget his name who kept insisting that VOY fans were all from England b/c the English are known for bad taste in TV and they should be banned from acquiring American citizenship and such. The VOY bashing got pretty out of hand in those days as there was a lot of fan outrage at VOY for sinking the franchise. There were many complaints and finally the mods took action.
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