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Re: Is Rod Roddenberry kind of a douche?

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Why are you all trashing the kid? He's just a KID! He grew up in Hollywood part of a very protective family.

Did he know his father? No, but then neither would anyone if they lost a parent when they were teenagers...because when you're a teenager you're busy being a teenager and you don't pay too much attention to your parents.

As far as Majel not caring, oh no, to the contrary, she cared too much. She cared so much she let him get away with it. I have never seen a woman so in love with a man as she was with Roddenberry. It must have been very painful for her to hear the stories of his relationships. She was an outstanding woman who put up with far more bullpoop than she needed to.

Now if you want to say that the movie he did about finding his father was done poorly, then, yes, I would say that he needed more help in organizing his thoughts on film. But a douche no.

He's a kid who grew up in a sheltered family and has no idea how difficult real life is like. I feel sorry for him when reality hits him he will be in for quite a shock.

And reality comes for us all.
He's 39 years old, hardly a kid.

Just how sheltered a life did this "kid "lead"? Haven't seen the film so I'm not sure. Or are we just making generalization about how "rich kids" live.
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