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Re: WOLVERINE director search down to 8

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I never said it would conflict with Origins, only that they're ignoring it. Of course this could have changed at some point during production, but the original plan was to ignore Origins.
I don't think Mangold ever said that. He did say that it wasn't an origin story. That is true. It's telling a different chapter of the character's life. It's meant to stand alone. But that's not the same as "ignoring" something. Logan appearing in WWII with bone claws shows that they're not ignoring it. As I understand it the Japan arc in the comics wasn't about the origins of Wolverine, so why would the movie version have been expected to cover that territory? You've been making this claim since Mangold was hired, when you somehow took claims that the film wouldn't be an amnesia-focused story as evidence that it was going to "ignore" Origins. But that similarly made no sense. The film not being an amnesia-focused story would just mean it's not trying to rehash that dynamic again. It's not, for example, suggesting Logan never had amnesia, which would be outright contradiction of X1 and X2; amnesia was part of Logan's story long before there ever was an Origins.
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