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Re: Was Sisko a Javert

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did Sisko become a Javert, in His prosecution of the maquis, it seemed to me the entirety of starfleet didd, might just be because I found myself ACTIVELY ROOTING for the alleged "bad guys"

Eddington made teh comparison and I have to admit reading les miserables last few weeks I find it compelling.
I don't think so. Jean Valjean was imprisoned because he stole a loaf of bread. Javert hunted him because he believed that all people were either law breakers or law abiders, and that it was impossible for one to change once he became one or the other.

Valjean was a different person after leaving prison. He became the mayor of Vigo and spent his life helping other people, including the child born out of wedlock to a prostitute.

Eddington supported a group of people who knowingly broke away from the Federation, and instead of negotiating a separate piece to avoid further bloodshed, took up arms against the Cardassians, precipitating a conflict that eventually dragged in the Federation, leading to the loss or damage of several Starfleet vessels.

Sisko hunted Eddington because he took the latter's betrayal of his command personally. It's possible that Eddington's defection reminded Sisko of his ruined friendship with Cal Hudson, who later died during a skirmish with the Cardassians. Sisko was certainly obsessed with Eddington, but his obsession was due to a desire for vengence, not because he rigidly believed that Eddington was incapable of reform.

In fact, when Sisko tried to convince Eddington to help him disarm the missles rumored to be targeting Cardassia, he offered him a full pardon in return for his sevice, going so far as to say that Eddington could do whatever he wanted once his assignment was over, something Javert would never had accepted.
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