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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

Well, I'll give a serious answer.

When Voyager debuted, it seemed like an interesting concept. Trek was returning to exploration, but with the heroes stranded on the other side of the galaxy. I had no problem with that. It just seemed to scream "serialization" to me, though. Each episode would build on the previous, with the heroes scraping by, surviving but not easily, with problems stemming from being alone, being under-supplied, being under-manned (what with having to use the Maquis and all). It seemed like a great idea.

Then, during the actual run, they drop most of these potential plots pretty quickly. The Maquis are buddy-buddy with Starfleet, since most of them seemed to be former Starfleet anyway. The ship was easily repaired all the time. Well, ok, they have some ability to repair away from spacedock facilities, that's expected, but for multiple years? It should've gotten harder and harder to make perfect repairs all the time.

One thing that struck me was that they did try to grow some of their own food. I thought that was a cool idea. But their hydroponic garden was a joke - a couple racks of potted plants doesn't add up to much. I expected, at some point, to see an overflowing greenhouse, with stalks of wheat and corn and vegetables. We never really got to see that, though. All in all, the episodic nature of the show during its initial run left me disappointed with a series that should, to my mind, have been as serialized as much as DS9 was. However, in re-runs, I can enjoy it far more than I did in the first run.

I guess the TPTB were right in the end. The episodic nature of Voyager left it with longer legs for reruns. I love DS9, but you can't just watch one episode out of order - it's too serialized for that. When I do watch DS9, I watch it from start to finish. But with Voyager, I'll watch any old episode at any time without worrying (much) about plot arcs. And that's what the producers wanted.
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