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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Fine, believe what you want. No one can critisize anything with gay people involved, because if you do you're prejudiced I don't even know what to call that attitude. I never said it was about them being gay. I said the writers made it into that. They couldn't turn Vale/random guy into anything if they wrote that because its impossible to play something like that from a diversity standpoint. Hetrosexuality isn't a thing in most books. Calling attention to something like that is pretty much impossible.

My whole point is that there was special attention being given to the Keru stuff, far beyond what it needed. Taking Wing is 8 years old, long enough ago that, yes, it was surprising to have a gay character in a ST book (heck, I didn't remember much of it before this rereading, but I definately remembered it being the first book I ever read with gay characters) and it was still at a point where it was used as diversity compared to how sT books usually were. It was done in a way that seemed to just use it as a way to show diversity, but not add anything to the story or characters.

You want a gay relationship done well? Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Willow is one of my favorite characters, and the Tara/Willow stuff was probably the most effective romance stuff on the show. It always had a point, and the characters were amazing. It added something to the show, and it never seemed to be there just to be there. If I had to list the best relationships/romances/couples on TV that I've seen, Willow and Tara are probably in the top 2-3. After it first started while I was watching the show, I didn't even really think anything of the fact that they were together. By the time they got established as a couple, it was normal. It was also well written. The Titan stuff seemed to be written just to show diversity. The characters did very little else in the book, and if the Keru stuff was supposed to be just about a widower mourning, it wasn't done very well. It was pretty far removed from the actual event (Looking online, Taking wing seems to be over 6 years after first contact, since FC was 2373 and wikipedia says Nemesis was 2379) and even Sisko had stopped obsessing over his wife's death after six years.

Its interesting that I'm trying to stay civil while taking personal attacks. I honestly want to know what anyone finds offensive. Is it that hard to see where I'm coming from with my comments on Taking Wing? Has anyone even read this book recently? 1/4th of it is the book promoting how diverse the ship is. Except for the attack on the romulan prison and the short battle on the ship, most of the time Keru and the ensign don't even do anything outside of being walking advertisments. Sure, I like a lot of gay characters, and (living in Washington State) I voted for gay marriage and have never once thought they don't deserve the same rights as everyone else. But, no apparently that is not important. I thought that Demi-Gods Mangels and Martin used two gay characters as little more than walking diversity advertisments, so I'm evil and prejudiced because I though the part of a book with gay characters wasn't fair to the gay characters. The more you know, I guess.
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