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It's war. Contrary to populair believe, there are no good guys in a war. Horrors are commited by both sides, and what can look like the 'good guy' can be something completely different. THAT'S the general idea behind this episode.

there are no good guys in war? Tell that to Blacks liberated by Union soldiers, or concentration camp prisoners liberated by Allied armies. "Both sides do bad things" isn't equal to "there are no good guys in war."
What Lynx said, is basicly correct. To many levels of evil in war. Those some soldiers you mention, also commited terrible acts of violence and horrors to liberate those you mentioned. War is not right or wrong, black or white, light or dark. It's everything in between that.

er, but that's not what I was responding to. "There ARE NO GOOD GUYS in war" is very different than saying "both sides do some bad things, and war is complex." The latter is pretty obviously true, but the former is very wrong.
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