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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

That's one of the more bittersweet parts of season 2 - it's the last season that uses the 6-footer during its entire run (though they used the 2-footer inappropriately), and HTV spoiled it.

It is nice seeing new shots of the 6-footer in early season 3 (Evolution, Booby Trap), but that all comes to an end in The Defector.

The ooooonly time I thought the 4-footer looked good was the overhead shot when it hits the atmosphere in Deja Q. It's ugly from most angles. I understand fattening the saucer rim to make room for Ten Forward, but changing the shape of the secondary hull and the deflector dish made it look too bulbous.

I'd love to know Andrew Probert's thoughts on the 4-footer. Was he ever asked about it?

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