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Re: Spoilers: Is This [Spoiler]'s Original Enterprise?

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It's just another goddamned Starfleet ship, and is just as likely the U.S.S. Bupkis as anything else. Most of them look alike and have for almost 50 years - haven't y'all noticed?
Not as alike as the JJ Enterprise and the mysterious second ship.

Saul wrote: View Post
For arguments sake. What Starship (not including classes that became Enterprise) have a saucer, a secondary hull, raised nacelles and was seen clearly onscreen? I can think of kitbashes but none of those were seen clearly.
Exactly. The only times there have been two starships that share the saucer/lower secondary hull/raised nacelles pattern were in the TOS movies with the Excelsior and the Enterprise (and again in TNG with the Enterprise-B and Enterprise-D) but the Excelsior class was very obviously different looking.

Either we're mistaken in thinking that there is a second ship, or that second ship is extremely similar looking to (but not quite exactly the same as) the JJ Enterprise, and the only way I can see the movie producers including a ship that is so similar is if it is another Enterprise.
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