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Re: Fringe vs The X-Files

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I'm skeptical that The X-Files has any characters who can match Walter.
The X-Files has no characters who can match Walter (or even Peter)
The X-Files though, wasn't really about individual characters. It was about the stories (the -Files) and the relationships between the characters. And I agree, Walter Bishop is one of the great characters in all of sci-fi.

The writing for the Files stood out too. They could do scary, real scary, drama, whimsy, to out and out comedy and it was great at all of them. I mean "War of the Copraphages", "Small Potatos", "Early Modern Prometheus", It is no accident that this show was picked number 2 behind Star Trek for greatest T.V. cult show by T.V. Guide.

But I loved Fringe too although they had no two characters with the chemistry of Mulder and Scully though Walter and Peter were pretty good together.

Overall, like others, I gotta go with the X-Files in all areas except greatest individual character. But Fringe is certainly worthy of comparison.
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