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I have the call sheets for "Enterprise" and this was filmed at the "Disney Ranch" and in "Bronson Canyon" at the Bronson Cave. The same place BTW that they film TOS "Bread and Circuses" at.

I agree; not a great episode.
Strange New World was one of my favorites from the first season. Showed the tremendous chemistry between Trinner and Blalock early on.
Disney Ranch may have been for those early scenes with Porthos running off and doing his thing.

Since I watched the entire series last month, I'll admit one of the first season's greatest strengths was developing characterizations and finding which actors worked best together. And each season's blooper reel is especially telling, not so much for the goofs, but in how the actors reacted to each other's mistakes. Lots of good-natured teasing on those blown lines and clumsy falls.

There's one take of T'Pol where she's supposedly talking to the rock people in Vulcan language, and Blalock fumbles the nonsense syllables where she's supposed to say the word "akasa", but it comes out "a caca", and she immediately cracks up. It's almost as good as Leonard Nimoy's famous "The plants act as a suppository..."
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