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Re: Has star trek changed

I am thoroughly enjoying this BBS. Ii certainly don't agree with everyone's ideas of what JJ brings to the Star Trek universe (what fun would that be!) but I think the thing that is overlooked is that we are talking about Star Trek! Because after Insurrection and a failed attempt at TV with Enterprise it was dead. I like JJ Abrams. Most everything he was involved in (with the exception of Undercovers) had at least a passing interest to me. Fringe is in my top 5 favorite TV of all time as is Lost. So we have our favorite characters in a new incarnation and I, for one, am thrilled. These TOS characters were a huge part of my childhood. To have them back is surreal and so much fun.

I loved Regarding Henry and I believe JJ w co-wrote the pilot episode of Lost, so I like his writing, directing and production style. That being said, I am more of a fan of Bad Robot and the talent involved in the company. It would be a dream to work in a creative environment like that. And I think the next Treks will be turned over to Bob Orci and Lindelof and other maybe new, unearthed talent at Bad Robot. I think it is in great hands and will end up being done by huge fans of the Trek Universe (as Orci is) while JJ works with Star Wars indefinitely. That is absolutely fine by me. I like the changes, but a consistent voice from here on out (at least for another movie or 2) would be preferred.
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