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Re: Brannon Braga on a possible Season 5 through Netflix + More...

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Blocked? What do you mean, blocked? They're not doing business is Switzerland (or, in fact, in most countries in the world) because they don't want to pay for international distribution rights. They're not blocked.
Well cousin, I got news for you ... I'm in California not Switzerland so I don't know what you've got access to nor the whys or why nots of it beyond that with which you are willing to share. Please don't get haughty or disrespectful or start playing games of "gotcha" because you wanted to be purposely incomplete in your postings.

And question: Forget Netflix. You are saying that there is NO similar service by which you can get programming over the internet?

Update: Did a quick search. Many stated there was no Netflix equiv in Switzerland however I also found forums that spoke of people in Switzerland using AppleTV with US iTunes accounts.
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