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Re: Who is Shatner kidding?

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Who is trying to fool then with all of the Shatnerverse novels with his name slathered across the cover.
It came out he "provided the ideas" and they wrote the books.
That's untrue. The authors have discussed their process in detail, and it's a full collaboration. Yes, Shatner develops the basic premises and Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens then flesh out the full outline (and work in the broader Trek-universe elements), but the writing process involves all three. Shatner writes Kirk's dialogue and actions, the R-Ses do the first draft of the rest, but they rewrite each other's portions (as collaborators usually do), and Shatner has the final say on every word.

And it's worth noting that Shatner's collaborators did get credit on his Trek novels (although not always on the front cover), which is more than can be said of his TekWar series (written with Ron Goulart) or his Quest for Tomorrow series (with W. T. Quick), where his collaborators went uncredited.
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