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Re: Has star trek changed

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If you paid attention to the post, you'd see I was actually defending Abrams and saying he's no greedier than Roddenberry was.

I as just trying to get purists off my case by making it clear I still think Roddenberry was a smart guy, which I'm not remotely convinced Abrams is from interviews. He seems confused in every press interview I've seen him in, I almost feel sorry for him.
Read your own post. You called Abrams dumb. Outright dumb. Wondering when I can read a script from you as good as Regarding Henry - which dumb Abrams wrote.

And you are mistaking excitability for confusion. You may not like his style of entertainment, but to say the man is not intelligent as successful as he is in the industry (because Disney CLEARLY doesn't know what they are doing) is just, well, dumb.

And he is also a business owner. A little somewhat successful production company called Bad Robot. Maybe you have heard of it.
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