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Re: Brannon Braga on a possible Season 5 through Netflix + More...

Thanks, Danger Ace. I appreciate the sentiment. Refreshing to agree to disagree and leave it at that.

I don't see Braga as offering false hope myself and I don't think fans of Enterprise are particularly naive. Disappointment and acceptance of it not being able to go the full 7 seasons, completely comes with the territory. He's ventured an opinion based what's happening with fellow writer/producers he knows in Hollywood. An observation that would have a sound prospect of working, if Star Trek happened to be the usual mundane drama set in the USA, typically the usual pretty Californicators, and little or no expensive SFX shots or standing sets surrounding them.

If you're watching Enterprise on Netflix, then it's because that's how you want to watch it anyway. If what Brannon Braga's suggesting is even remotely likely, it will have to happen in spite of him.

Star Trek series aren't even available from Netflix UK, besides I prefer physical media and regularly reach my limited broadband limit it seems, without even having watched hours of episodic TV.

If there were some new storyline involving this show, and I could only see it on Netflix, then I would have to join the 21st Century. Pay more for broadband. Pay regularly to Netflix. It's no different than subscribing to BSKYB, which I did to see first run episodes. I switched to Freesat, when Enterprise ended in 2005 and never looked back. On the whole, I'd sooner just wait for the box-set or see episodes released individually if necessary... You pay for the discs, and that's it. No contract issues or threatening additions to the bill, from your service provider.
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