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James T. Vader
Who is Shatner kidding?

So I was watching a documentary with Shatner, and he admitted to never watching Star Trek TNG because he "prefers the news and sports."

Who is trying to fool then with all of the Shatnerverse novels with his name slathered across the cover.
It came out he "provided the ideas" and they wrote the books.

Don't get me wrong, the first two trilogies are great. But that's more a testatment to the Reeves-Stevens. Although Super Kirk does wear a bit thin, espeically when his hands are blown off and he still manges to fly Voyager and fight Tiberius hand to hand, or I guess stump to hand.

I just wonder if another author could get away with it. Could David Mack have Chris Bennnett write a Destiny and Mack goes and does all of the interviews and takes the credit.
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