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Re: Has star trek changed

Yeah, Roddenberry was every bit as much of a money grubber as Abrams is. Note to purists, I'm NOT saying he was as clearly outright dumb as Abrams is, but money was the primary motivational factor throughout his involvement. The only thing that seperates them is that Gene Roddenberry had a genuine interest in science-fiction so we got something like The Motion Picture, whereas I honestly don't think Abrams understands what science-fiction is beyond "an action film with some aliens in it".

It's a bad idea to elevate one man and his ideas. My Star Trek heroes are Michael Piller, Ira Stephen Behr and Gene Coon. I see Roddenberry as a good TV producer, if somewhat sleazy, corrupt and lazy. Star Trek was and always has been a collaborate process. Even JJ Abrams gets way too much credit from people who don't know he hasn't written either Trek film he's made.
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