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Re: Spoilers: Is This [Spoiler]'s Original Enterprise?

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I remember a few years ago hearing JJ Abrams talk about how he wanted the ship Nero destroys in the first scenes of Trek09 to be the classic Enterprise, and closer to the TOS Jeffries design... He eventually went with the Kelvin, but I assume it was meant to be symbolic of classic Trek being overwritten by the NuTrek timeline as Nero enters the fray and causes all that temporal havoc.

So the idea of there being an older Enterprise floating around could be plausible, and in JJ's mind for some time.

What sold it for me with Trek09 was that the first shots of the Kelvin really gave me the impression that this could be a real spaceship operating out there and how advanced it must be to do this.

Then you see the shot with both the Narada and Kelvin in the frame and the Kelvin could look exactly like a TOS ship. You just have to squint a little to see it.
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