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Re: Has star trek changed

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Has star trek changed
As has already been pointed out, Star Trek has been in a constant state of change since before it first went on the air in 1966. It's not different in that respect from any long-running series.

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The new film is looking good from the trailers, but what i was thinking has it changed now from Gene,s vision ,
The problem with a term like "Gene Roddenberry's Vision" is that it has no definite or useful meaning. It's quite nebulous, in fact, and when invoked is often far more indicative of the personal wishes of the invoker than it is of anything which can conclusively and inarguably attributed to Gene Roddenberry.

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the trek we all liked and enjoyed the great stories that were told .
Which ones were those, that "we all" liked and enjoyed? Trekkies were never a monolithic group, all liking all of the same things - not even in the days when one series was all there was.

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Is it now just a blockbuster special effects film with no real story to the trek world ?
No, but that's just my take. What's yours?
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