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Re: Dallas - Season 2

^Fair points, all.

I liked the episode, and I like that they've kept Cliff and Afton apart. I wasn't too crazy about how Bobby and Afton were butting heads, as they seemed to always get along on the old show, but then again, she probably blames the Ewings for what happened to her daughter and was reacting to that.

Too, (and this is so minor) the company was originally called Wentworth Industries, not Barnes Global. Cliff's mom married Herbert Wentworth and when he died, she inherited all his companies, including Wentworth Tool & Die, which Cliff then restructured as Barnes-Wentworth. He eventually sold Wentworth Tool & Die to Bobby and it merged with Ewing Oil in the final season of the old show. This is when Bobby then offered Cliff a partnership at the new Ewing Oil he was launching (after the government seized the "original" Ewing Oil.) This of course did not leave J.R. very happy, as he was not working in oil at the time, but he did eventually return after spending a night trapped in an elevator with Bobby and a crate of fancy wine.

I'm a bit cloudy on the details (its been a while since I watched the final season), but Leann De La Vega swoops in and buys Ewing Oil out from under J.R. and Cliff and sells it to Michelle (April's sister.) Cliff wound up marrying Michelle in the final season to get control of Ewing Oil and ends the series as the sole owner, much to the chagrin of J.R.

I am assuming that's all what is being referred to now as Barnes Global, which when you think about it, would include old Ewing Oil assets, which must just drive John Ross crazy.

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Meanwhile, seems like Emma's gunning for the title of Miss SouthFork Slut, 2013.
John Ross had that title in the bag five minutes in to the season premiere. If you're going to make sexist, hateful comments like that, make sure it goes both ways.

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