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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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What did we get about either character? One was the boyfriend of a extra who got killed in First Contact, and he's a friend of Nurse Ogawa. The other was freaked out by the doctor, and thought Keru was attractive. That is all either of them added to the story, minus one or two action scenes with Keru that could have used any security officer. It would have been pointless regardless of their genders, but the fact that almost every scene they were in was about them being gay
No. It was not about them being gay. It was, as Christopher said, about a widower learning to move on from the loss of his spouse, with the question of how he felt about a potential suitor being just one facet of his character arc. That that suitor happened to be male was not the focus of the arc, and I'm sorry that you can't seem to stop fixating on it.

(Side-note: Really, Keru's arc in Taking Wing is similar to Sisko's arc in "Emissary," or to the story of him meeting Kassidy Yates later in the series. Was Sisko's arc in "Emissary" only about him being straight? Was the Sisko/Kassidy arc only about them being straight?)

and not advancing either the story
What does that mean? "The" story? There are multiple stories being told in Taking Wing, and one of them is how a widower learns to move on with his life.
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