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Re: TOS: The Weight of Worlds by Greg Cox Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I find that a very unsatisfying way to look at it, since it's basically saying episode X didn't happen to the same crew we saw in episode Y or novel Z. I prefer to see all the episodes, movies and books (excepting the ones deliberately out-of-continuity) as windows into some "real" (for lack of a much-needed better word) Trek universe. Some windows are clear, others are fogged up to varying degrees, jumbling the details a bit.
Well, look at it this way: Maybe the same stories, the same events, happen in multiple parallel timelines, but with some of the details being different. So you are basically seeing an adventure that happened to the familiar crew, you're just seeing a slightly different version than the one they experienced. That's not so different from what you're proposing -- you are seeing a slightly off-kilter version of a story the Prime crew experienced, but because a slightly different timeline was selected rather than because the details were recorded wrong.

This is basically what the Voyager novel Echoes depicts outright -- many different parallel versions of Voyager arriving at the same planet at the same time and having essentially the same experiences for the most part (though with some major differences for some of them), but with subtle differences in the details, like one Voyager having a two-person helm console instead of one-person, one Chakotay having a different tattoo, and so on. The book portrays its cross-timeline events from the perspectives of three main crews, but it's indicated that there are thousands of other parallel crews experiencing much the same adventure in much the same way. Similarly with TNG: "Parallels" -- the first few timelines Worf jumps to are essentially the same as his own, meaning the same events must have happened, but some details happened differently.
Exactly the argument I attempted to make in the Star Trek XI forum last summer when you, me, and Greg Cox were debating the differences in the universes between William Shatner's Kirk, and Chris Pine's Kirk, only then, you didn't see what I was saying.

But, on topic, nice to see the book is out, but I don't have it yet. That will change once payday occurs at the end of the week.
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