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Re: Has star trek changed

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The new film is looking good from the trailers, but what i was thinking has it changed now from Gene,s vision , the trek we all liked and enjoyed the great stories that were told . Is it now just a blockbuster special effects film with no real story to the trek world ?
Although packed with all the action you'd expect, IMO Star Trek had a lot more depth than your average summer blockbuster. It packed an emotional punch and featured characters I instantly cared about. Story-wise, it packed Spock's lifestory (all of TOS, the backstory from TAS and a better version of his TMP resolution) into two hours - and did it as a coming-out allegory.

It looks like Star Trek Into Darkness is going to show Starfleet mirroring some of the extremely questionable things the US has done overseas in the past decade. Much like TOS depicted a fictionalized version of the Vietnam war in "A Private Little War" and a cautionary tale of what may have come of the Cold War in "The Omega Glory"

As for whether Star Trek has changed - of course! It was a 1960's television show. Now it's a 2010's summer blockbuster. But Star Trek was originally pictched as "Action - Adventure - Science Fiction" - and it still very much is all those things.
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