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Re: Lost Girl Season 3

I can't get into Kenzi Love because I filled my Crazy Goth Chick quota with Abby Sciutto.

Bo is stunning until she turns her head to the side. Then she's a woodpecker.

Lauren does have a quiet beauty...and she has charcoal prints of nekkid women hanging in her apartment, which makes me say "You go Girl!"

And Tamsin is sexy...until you get to the clown mouth.

JanewayRulz! wrote:
Nahhh, Tamsin will be the reason Bo & Lauren get back together. The course of true love never runs smooth... in TV fiction.
Maybe, but I won't be happy till I see it happen. I don't care what chemistry Bo and Tamsin have. If I'm gonna be a shipper, I want my ship to be dominant.
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