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Re: The ENT and Melakon

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1:03 - Strange New World

TV blurb: Trip trips out, T'Pol tests her improvisational skills, and Porthos takes one giant leak for all dogkind.

I watched this 5 times in 2 days trying to figure out who was crazy and who wasn't, and I'm still not entirely sure. Kellie Waymire makes her first appearance as Cutler. Travis' big scene is getting to tell a ghost story around a campfire.

There are some good stage effects during an intense storm, but for a planetside story it's very claustrophobic with tight closeups and few outdoor scenes, real or soundstage, after the landing party takes shelter in a cave.

When this originally aired, I was unimpressed. I still am.
I have the call sheets for "Enterprise" and this was filmed at the "Disney Ranch" and in "Bronson Canyon" at the Bronson Cave. The same place BTW that they film TOS "Bread and Circuses" at.

I agree; not a great episode.
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