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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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Taylor has always been a bit of an unknown quantity, given the two shows he has worked on that I have watched (DS9 and Battlestar) both had Showrunners that not only were renowned for re-writing and reworking a lot of the material, but also demanded a consistent style which meant that if it didn't fit their mold it got thrown out (or at least that is what I have gleaned from podcasts, commentaries and books I've read of/about Moore and Behr). So it'll be interesting to see him as co-showrunner.
Taylor made a big splash early on with two really impressive DS9 episodes, "The Visitor" and "In the Pale Moonlight," but it turns out that both of those were rewritten by staffers. His Voyager scripts were a mixed bag, and his BSG-verse work didn't really impress me much.
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