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Re: So many horrible characters aboard the Voyager

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The closest we get to hot steamy love scenes are Harry's misfortunes with alien women, and his Seven fantasies. Though I'm another one in the Janeway/Chakotay camp. Early on, I really thought they were going to do something with that relationship. I sometimes think the Chakotay/Seven romance was invented just to keep Beltran happy in the final year.
When I watched Voyager for the very first time and was all naive, I truly thought they would eventually end it with J/C. I just remember watching episodes like Resolutions and Coda and thinking they were going to go somewhere with it.

I know from watching interviews and reading interviews that the actors, Beltran and Mulgrew, did not really want the romantic angle actualized between Chakotay and Janeway. They just wanted the characters to have a 'close friendship' that was nothing more. Beltran said he was ambivalent, he didn't care who they put him with... Mulgrew didn't think the captain should be sleeping with her crew. Fair enough. I see her point.

But at least get them together in Endgame (or better yet have an episode AFTER Endgame)! Chakotay no longer had to be considered part of her crew. They were home. Come on...
I obviously don't remember her exact quote, but Kate Mulgrew has said at many a convention that she was the driving force behiind why J/C never happened. Something about it being inappropriate or would look bad for a female captain to be messing around with one of her crew. Personally, given the fact they were stranded 70 years from home, I think the audience would have given her a pass, but hey...
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