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Re: New Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser!

wjaspers wrote: View Post
I am not against ST looking like a big budget hollywood flic, but "seek out new civilizations" has been replaced by "seek out new special effects" "seek out new underwear" etc.
Of course, Star Trek II, III, IV, VI, VI, Generations, First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis were literally bursting out of the seams with seeking out new civilisations...

as for the underwear... yes, we Trek nerds deplore any acknowledgement of sex unless it's undertaken every 7 years!

CorporalClegg wrote: View Post
Would someone please explain to me what "real" Star Trek looks like?
- Has to be very serious. Humour must only come from an incredibly forced or cringeworthy exchange between characters who really love each other very much.
- Mustn't reference or hint at sex.
- Lots of standing around thinking. When in doubt, have a conference.
- Crew must help/ridicule some poor alien tribe who believe in a deity.

RAMA wrote: View Post

Agreed. I expect to see a series of some kind, maybe two (animated and live) out of the JJverse within a year or two of this movie's likely success.
Can't wait!
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