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Re: Recommended Viewing Order TV Shows and Movies

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^Why would you want to do that?

I wouldn't watch Generations until after you've seen all of TOS, TAS, and the TOS films. It would totally ruin Generations to watch it first.
Yeah that makes a lot of sense. I mean I've seen the the first four TOS films, but I think I would enjoy Generations more after finishing TNG then seeing TOS, TAS, and TOS films again. The other question would be, when do I watch the TNG films? After TNG, but before TOS, TAS, TOS films and Generations, or after I watch all of those?

Sorry for all of the questions, but thanks for the help!
You might enjoy Trek more if you just... don't watch the TNG movies.

Since you started with TNG, here's what I would recommend:

Finish TNG
Watch TOS, TAS, and the TOS movies
First Contact
ST 2009

There are minor plot points and cameos in the TNG movies that will make more sense if you watch them at the appropriate time (i.e. slot in First Contact at some point in the fifth season of DS9, Nemesis after VOY) but it doesn't matter all that much.
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