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I get the impression that the beginning and ending were among the last things they nailed down. I remember seeing footage of the beginning just before the demo was released and it was buggy as all hell. The radio chatter dialogue randomly alternating between the Ash & Kaiden version, background NPCs lodged in windows, low-res placeholder textures, unfinished animation, the works. The Turian moon mission was a bit ropey in places too, most notably a few glitchy floating rocks, a backwards flying frigate and Vega's comedic reaction to the brute.

London just felt awfully rushed and recorded dialogue hidden in the game files indicates they'd planned a much more complex and substantial mission along similar lines as the suicide mission. And of course the ending itself was just incomplete as originally delivered. The fact that the single extra scene you get with your squad-mates is something originally cut from the game very late on is very telling.

On the other hand the Tuchanka and Rannoch missions were *very* well done and some of the on-ship exchanges clearly got a lot of polish and attention. All this points to an 11th hour schedule crunch IMO.

Just to be clear, these are just an observation, not complaints. If I *had* to choose between that talk with Liara about her time capsule project or a better London's Liara. Not contest.

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Couple all this with the fact that if you happen to be a FemShep, you're a totally different-looking person at the start of ME3 than you were at the end of ME2.
That was a very strange thing for them to get wrong at launch. You'd think it would have showed up very early in QTs. They did patch it within a few weeks though, so that's something.

For me, after the import issues with DAO>DAII I was paranoid enough that I made a point of noting down the details of my various Sheps including the facecodes, so it was an easy fix.
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